Chippenham's Appalachian Dance team 

How to join us 

 FOOTNOTES is open to anyone who would like to join us, we aim to teach anyone, no dance experience is required but lots of enthusiasm is a must!

We will teach anyone from 11 years upwards, occasionally we make exceptions and teach from 9 years old - but please ask :-)

Practice sessions take place on Wednesday evenings at the Old Road Tavern barn from 7:30 pm. Come along an say hello, see what we do for yourself and even give it a go!


Feel free to give us a ring (details in the contacts section)

Your first few visits to us will be free. If you decide to join us we pay subs (based on an annual amount) into the kitty which pays our rent/insurance and the like.

If you decide we are for you, you will need to buy yourself tap shoes but to give it a go just come in comfortable clothes you can move freely in and hard soled shoes.